Children’s Drama Agency Melbourne

Joining Centrestage Agency

Centrestage Agency is always interested in seeing talented and outgoing young performers wanting to work professionallyin film, TV and theatre. See Children’s Auditions for information on upcoming auditions.

You must be between 4 and 19 years old to audition.
(Adults 20 and older, please see Ian White Management for information on representation.)
Performers must live in the greater Melbourne area and be able to attend castings at short notice.

No experience is necessary; however we prefer older performers to have some training behind them. It is highly recommended that all performers represented by Centrestage Agency undertake regular Drama classes to keep themselves at their peak. We recommend classes at Centrestage Performing Arts school so that we can monitor student’s progress and therefore able to talk to casting agents with a real knowledge and understanding of your potential. If classes at Centrestage are not feasible then there are several other organisations that we recommend.